Moody Blues by Nolli Ejuice 60mL 0mg

Moody Blues by Nolli Ejuice 60mL 0mg


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Moody Bloos - Nolli E Liquid 

You're going to be anything but blue when you try this blend that brings natural, wholesome flavor to the forefront of your senses in a jiffy, no harvesting required! Any sweet lovers who enjoy their blends to have a more fresh edge to them will really appreciate this blend that adds in so much interesting, vibrant taste that you won't be able to get enough of no matter how hard you try. That isn't a bad thing though because thanks to the calory free, sugarless nature of this blend, you are going to be able to vape it as much as you would like and indulge to your heart's content without a single second thought entering your mind. There is no reason to hold back or sit around with some killer cravings playing on your mind and making it difficult to concentrate on anything other than dropping everything that you're doing and running down to your local bakery. You can finally have it all and have it your way with a juice like this that is going to make it so easy to focus on your health and filling your body with good foods that make you operate at your best but still get that satisfaction that you need to be in a pleasant mood. Nolli E Liquid sets the stage with their arrangement of fresh flavors that will stop you in your tracks with their way of coming up with unique flavor combinations that are far and away different from anything else that you have ever been able to try before. Moody Bloos is a fresh, bold, juicy blueberry pie that has been topped off with rich, sticky, sweet marshmallow ice cream that will set your passions on fire and have you begging for more every time.

Attention: This juice is being offered in a zero nicotine on this page.  We also sell the nicotine version of this juice and others.  However, due to the recently passed Nicotine Sales Tax in the state of Colorado, we suggest you buy a zero nicotine juice to avoid the tax and use a Sapphyre Nicotine additive to customize your experience!

 These additives are only $1.99 each, which makes the tax a much more tolerable $0.76!

 If you would prefer to purchase the nicotine version of this product (subject to CO’s 32% nicotine sales tax)  please continue by clicking here (we don’t mind!)

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