Melonopoly by Vapor Dynamix 60ml 0mg Nicotine

Melonopoly by Vapor Dynamix 60ml 0mg Nicotine

Vapor Dynamix

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Attention: This juice is being offered in a zero nicotine on this page.  We also sell the nicotine version of this juice and others.  However, due to the recently passed Nicotine Sales Tax in the state of Colorado, we suggest you buy a zero nicotine juice to avoid the tax and use a Sapphyre Nicotine additive to customize your experience!

 These additives are only $1.99 each, which makes the tax a much more tolerable $0.76!

 If you would prefer to purchase the nicotine version of this product (subject to CO’s 32% nicotine sales tax)  please continue by clicking here (we don’t mind!)

For a simple yet irresistible and sweet bold melon candy flavor look no further than Melonopoly! Coming to you in 0,3,6,12,18, and 24mg of nicotine in 60ml bottles. Snag yours at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora or Order online!

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