Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables 1500+ Puffs

Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables 1500+ Puffs

Lush Flow Disposables

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Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables 1500+ Puffs

The LUSH FLOW is the enlarged version of the original LUSH disposable device. Featuring a maximized 6mL of E-Liquid and a new adjustable airflow design, the new Filipino Mango by Lush Flow disposable is rated for up to 1500 puffs, being more than enough to get through the daily grind.

Features of the Filipino Mango by Lush Flow:

  • Rated for 1500 Puffs
  • 6mL Salt Nicotine
  • 5% Nicotine Level

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Lush Flow Disposables


Filipino Mango



This is one of the most popular flavors from Lush Flow Disposables that we sell here at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, CO!  The flavor, Filipino Mango, is based on mangos from the Philippines.  These mangoes are known to be sweeter and have a more exotic taste making the Filipino Mango Lush Flow the best mango out there.  Don't miss out on this best-selling customer-favorite!


High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora has the BEST selection of Disposables in Colorado!

 This disposable is just one of over a hundred disposable flavors at the best vape and e-cig shop in Colorado.  So when you're searching for disposables near me, just know we got em and we are near YOU!


Featuring pocket-friendly portability, exceptional convenience, and intense enjoyment...Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables are an ideal option either in the role of your "go to" or as a reliable backup to a bigger/higher performance system! Ready to see how tasty disposables can be? Add the Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposable to your order now and head to HVV!


You can order this product here on our website, however, due to new PACT ACT shipping laws, we are only filling in-store pick up orders at the time!


Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables 

Filipino Mango Lush Flow Disposables 1500+ Puffs