Free Hand Sanitizer

High-Voltage Vapes is passionate about helping people.  That has been at the core of everything we've done for the past seven years.  During this unprecedented time that changes a bit about how we approach our business.  Of course, we want to stay in business.  That is very important to us.  But the general welfare of people is of much higher importance.  We have discussed this as a team and made the decision to make this product free to those who can't afford necessities.  We want to continue to be proud of how we handle ourselves as individuals, and as a business.

Therefore, this product has been set up as Free if you cannot afford to pay, or a suggested price of $8 or more if you can help support us! 

If possible, we ask that you pay what you can comfortably afford.  This will help us to weather the time while we are not able to operate normally at our brick and mortar local shop.  It will also allow us to better serve all our customers going forward.

For some of you, that may mean that you pay nothing.  We are joyful to be able to help you during this time!  

There is a limit of one per customer.   

We currently have this effective hand sanitizer in stock and we are shipping these out quickly (typically within 24 hours)!

This is NOT a fancy hand sanitizer.  But it will be effective!

Active Ingredients:  Isopropyl Alcohol final concentration 75%

Inactive Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide


*Because we have this essential/critical product, it would allow us to continue to be open as a critical business according to the Governor's orders.  However, because we believe it would put our team and customers at risk, we have committed to close our lobby to inside sales through April 11, 2020.  


This product has been manufactured according to the World Health Organization's Formulation Recommendations in light of the FDA's Policy for Temporary Compounding of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency Immediately in Effect Guidance for Industry

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