Vaping products may be banned from public spaces in Austin TX

Another state capital in the US may be facing a vaping ban, as City Council members in Austin Texas are to cast their final vote on an ordinance that would extend the list of banned tobacco products to include e-cigarettes.

Last month in May, lawmakers in Austin voted unanimously to put forward a proposal that would add e-cigarettes to the list of tobacco products that are banned in public spaces such as parks, restaurants and bars. On Thursday, the council will cast its final vote pertaining to any ordinance changes.


Many public health experts in the US and internationally have been pointing out that placing e-cigarettes and their combustible counterparts on the same shelf will be detrimental to public health as it sends the wrong message. Several studies have been indicating that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than regular cigarettes and also much less addictive, hence their potential as effective smoking cessation tools.


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