My wife, Alisha, has started a boutique called the Turquoise Tortoise Boutique. You can see her products at We are also going to be showing many of her products at our Aurora shop. She has bags, hoodies, graphic tees, accessories and more at AWESOME prices and really great quality. If you didn't know, she opened the vape shop in 2013 working every single day from open to close. High-Voltage wouldn't exist without her! She's the best, I'm so proud of her and I (Patrick) truly appreciate the support for her!

the Turquoise Tortoise Boutique

Then there's me...if you've been to the shop lately, you've noticed it looks DIFFERENT! I've been passionately working on a little side-project of my own called nukedFridge. It is mostly limited and hard-to-find sneakers, streetwear and other cool stuff that we get and resell through sites like eBay, StockX, Mercari, Grailed and others. Recently, the team met and we all agreed that some of you might also enjoy these items... we hope so! I've uploaded most to the site but we also have a site for this project.


We are a vape shop first. We've served our customers consistently for almost 8 years and are so excited to extend our brand of customer service to areas you might also like!  But we know what you come here for first is vape stuff.  We won't forget that!


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