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The Vaping Ban is Imminent, HUGE SALE, Join!

FLAVOR BAN/VAPE BAN Probable; Please join HUGE Sale

We don't want to panic...but flavor bans & outright bans on vaping, in general, are happening across the country. We NEED your help in opposing this. They just banned ALL VAPING in Massachusetts and gave them NO WARNING!  All of the state's vape shops are closed NOW. Last week it was New York and the flavor ban that gave customers and shops only 14 days to comply, the week before it was Minnesota, and they now have the same 14 days. We already have bans in parts of Colorado (Boulder and Aspen) set to take place soon.

It's been almost two weeks since the Trump Administration said they would be coming out with a Flavor Ban of all flavors other than tobacco or menthol. They expect no longer than 30 days to allow companies to sale through products.

If you will go to the link below, you can very easily write your Representatives and the President.

From there, go to to stock up with a HUGE SALE that we hope is not your LAST CHANCE to buy vaping supplies legally.  


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To get this deal in store we are asking that you show us your e-mail confirmation entitiled, "Confirmation of: Vaping Prohibition is On the Table in Congress!"

Thank you for your support for the past SIX years!

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We hope this is a false warning; we will try to offer workarounds, if permitted. But yesterday, in the state of Massachusetts, shops were given NO WARNING!!! Later today Rhode Island is expected to ban them, as well.


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