NHS Scotland says vaping is ‘definitely’ safer than smoking

In an attempt to clarify the confusion surrounding electronic cigarettes, NHS Health Scotland has just released a statement pointing out that the devices are "definitely" less harmful than their combustible counterparts.


Over 20 organisations have signed up to the consensus statement released by the NHS, amongst which the British Lung Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Following the report released last year by Public Health England (PHE), famously saying that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, the UK has endorsed e-cigarettes, a move which has led to the country reporting the lowest smoking rates ever recorded.

Infact, an observational study conducted last year by the University College London confirmed a positive link between the use of vaporizers and success in quitting tobacco cigarettes, attributing a drop of about 18,000 smokers to vaping.

“They contain nicotine, which is addictive in itself, and they contain and a number of other combustible materials. But if you take it all in the round and compare it with the alternative they are a lot less harmful than cigarettes.”Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of public health science, NHS Health Scotland,

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