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Juul and other Big Tobacco-owned "e-cigarette" companies are not an accurate representation of the industry.  

Their actions are unscrupulous.  They have gone into schools and targeted young children (under the guise of keeping kids off of e-cigarettes) paying thousands for an opportunity to get in front of children with no teacher present.  Students left these events being told that the Juul wasn't bad for anyone and that it was "completely safe".

They know, and have known since its early days, that their product was ending up in children's hands, after they began posting selfies on social media.  

They introduced the much higher nicotine levels that are now addicting America's youth in a new way.  In fact, before Juul introduced its product at 5.9% nicotine (or 59mg) the industry average was as low as 1% (or a 10mg), according to Robert Jackler in his published article, "Nicotine Arms Race: Juul and the High-Nicotine Product Market" in Feb. 2019.

But this is not who we are as an industry.  We at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora are just like most brick and mortar shops in the vaping industry:

We scan customers drivers license with Intellicheck Age Verification software to ensure we never sale to anyone but adults. 

Online purchases are Age Verified with BlueCheck Age Verification software and are compliant nation-wide for the ever-changing legal landscape of our industry.

If we suspect that our products will end up in the hands of a minor, we refuse the sale.

We don't encourage use of our products for people who have never smoked combustible cigarettes before.

We only offer flavors and nicotine levels that have been registered with the FDA since 2016.


Children vaping is terrible. That is outrage that should be directed at Juul and they are not an accurate representation of the vaping industry we are advocating to protect.
Juul is owned by Altria (Big Tobacco) and are about to merge with Phillip Morris (Big Tobacco).
Ex FDA Head Scott Gottlieb constantly points to Juul as the problem and even advocates banning closed pod system style e-cigarettes due to their current appeal with children.
Juul is Big Tobacco. We are not.
We do not sale Juul products at our shop and refuse to do so, knowing it cost us potential business, because we value a responsible industry.



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