FAKE NEWS ALERT: Dripping Creates Controversy Where None Exists

Read between the lines of the newest "Study"  from Yale University and you'll find the truest definition of Fake News.  Researchers sounded alarms about the rising popularity of "dripping" among Teens.

The study, which was supported by the NIH and FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) offers little in the way of information but is meant to be persuasive and alarming.  I can think of no better definition of Fake News than this.

First, let's look at the strings attached to this study.   The FDA Center for Tobacco Products is hardly free of bias here.  Currently, the FDA is doing all it can to get rid of vaping.  In August, their regulations went into effect that will ban all e-cigarette products which came out after 2007 beginning in 2018.        

While simply being biased does not alone destroy the credibility of this story, the fact that they've approached the story with such sensationalism should.  The researchers begin with a real lack of understanding about both vaping and dripping.  In the article, "Yale Study: 1 in 4 teen e-cigarette users have tried 'dripping'", by Chris Gardner, the author states dripping is, "...inhaling vapors produced by dripping e-liquids directly onto heating coils, instead of inhaling from the e-cigarette mouthpiece."

Of course if you've ever dripped, you know that you still use your mouthpiece.  And really dripping isn't that much different than vaping with a tank.  Think about it like you're driving a car...Dripping is like driving a manual, where using a tank is more like driving an automatic.

Now let's get to the TEEN of the matter.  Like all reputable vapor stores, High-Voltage Vapes checks ID for anyone appearing to be under the age of 40.  We don't sell to minors.   That's all we really need to say about the fact that these subjects were students.  We are a responsible shop behaving responsibly.  We only hope that those students using e-cigarettes were all over the age of 18!

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