Dr. Gupta Challenged on Live TV about his Flavor Ban Position

CNN omits Dr Sanjay Gupta being confronted over his position on marijuana and now vaping

Greg Conley of the American Vaping Association battled Gupta on CNN about the flavor ban.  "I'll remind you Dr. Gupta...you were wrong about marijuana and you admitted it.  Twenty plus years you were wrong about marijuana and I hope that in twenty years there aren't body bags on the streets because of policies like these in twenty years when you realize that vaping products are saving lives."

This and other parts of the full interview were left off the cut version on the CNN website.

Still, Conley was able to get one of the last and important words in:

"Smokers should know they can save their lives, improve their health by switching to store-bought nicotine vaping products.  Don't be scared off by activist that are trying to keep you smoking!"

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