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Coronavirus: Measures We are Taking to Ensure Customer and Employee Safety

At High-Voltage Vapes our constant concern is the safety of our customers and employees.  We want to take the opportunity to let you know what measures we have implemented to help address these concerns:

  • Every 30 minutes ALL employees will wash their hands.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be used after each transaction whether customers pay in cash or credit cards.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available to customers.
  • Every employee will wear gloves while preparing House Juice.
  • All shared surfaces (countertops, display tops and tables) will be cleaned with disinfectant regularly throughout the day (hourly).

We want you to feel safe and confident that High-Voltage Vapes is doing what we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (and any other viruses).

Still, if you would prefer to shop online, we have a great online store and typically ship most packages the same day they are ordered!  

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