Colorado Rep Coffman Co-Sponsors Cole-Bishop Amendment


Yesterday Colorado's Representative Mike Coffman became the 31st Representative to Co-Sponsor HR 1136.  

This is Colorado's first Representative to sign the Bill, which is also known as the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017.  This piece of legislation was introduced by Oklahoma's Rep Cole and Georgia's Rep Bishop.  

The goal behind the Act is to use a more reasonable date to base the FDA's regulations around the vapor industry.

While there was hope that an Amendment would be passed during the last legislative session, it became clear that the best chance for passing such a Bill would be to wait until both the House and Senate had a Republican majority.

Now HR 1136 has more momentum and the best chance thus far at passing.  Representatives from 22 different states have already Co-Sponsored this.  Still, there are many Representatives who have yet to put their support behind the Act, and that's where you can help!

Click on this Link to write your representative! 


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