Battery Safety is Important at HVVapes

When you purchase an 18650 Lithium Ion battery, we always ask that you observe a few safety precautions that just may save your life!   

We also give out a Battery Bro Safety Booklet to customers who purchase batteries.  Pick one up in store, or check out all the same info by clicking here to take you directly to the infographic and battery safety info!


1. Never use generic "rewrapped" batteries.  A good general rule is if the company doesn't make products such as laptops, you are probably buying a "rewrap".  LG, Sony, Samsung, and Sanyo are all typically good bets when it comes to lithium-ion batteries.  Trustfire, eFest, Wulf and other brands are essentially taking batteries that didn't meet the specifications for a brand such as LG, and putting their brand's wrap on it.  Be very cautious of this!

2.  Don't use damaged batteries.  If the wrapping is coming off or even just damaged showing the shiny battery underneath, then do not use that battery.  Doing so risks the very real possibility of that battery venting and exploding.  The wrapping and the insulator at the top of the positive end of the 18650 are extremely important.  This is a non-conductive safety barrier.   High-Voltage Vapes will rewrap your batteries if you bring them in for safety.

3.  Don't use old batteries.  A rule of thumb is after about a year lithium-ion batteries should be retired.  Attempting to charge or use a battery that is completely depleted due to age is dangerous and should be avoided.  High-Voltage Vapes has the cheapest 18650 batteries in the state, guaranteed.  So no excuses! :-)

4.  Never put a loose battery in your pocket or purse.  18650's are BATTERIES.  They WILL explode if they touch change or other metallic objects in your pockets.  HVVapes sells Chubby Gorilla brand 3D-printed plastic battery cases that are the ONLY place other than your mod or charger that you should put your 18650 battery.  Not storing a battery properly is the most common reason batteries explode.  BE CAREFUL.




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