A Vapor Victory: OHVTA defeats 69% Tax Proposal – It’s Official!

Those two words, “Vapor” and Victory” are not often seen anywhere near one another, never in the same sentence unfortunately. Especially, we do not typically see these words in the title of an article. Surely, with all the endless misinformation that continues to plague the vape industry and the unnecessary drama damaging the community, there must be moments we can refer to as “victory.”


Whether we are hearing news of vaping possibly being “banned in public” by cities like Austin, TX or learning that another one of the most liberal cities in the U.S., San Francisco has “banned flavors”. This is worrisome, these are places in America known for their history of being leaders and proponents of civil liberties and progress.
Unfortunately, these cities are clearly lost in a cloud of confusion.

However, rest assured, the vaping community can still feel some sense of relief as there are a number of advocates winning battles on the other side of the country, far from Texas or California, specifically in Ohio where they are refusing to be forced into the unmanageable situation.


Read the entire article at the Vaping Post.

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